Diving into the heart of artistic expression and innovative photography technology, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the extraordinarily talented musician and artist, Bones the Machine. Our canvas was the intimate ambiance of my photo studio, nestled in the bustling district of Tribeca at 373 Broadway.
The vision for this project was to depict life in its most vibrant forms, to translate the pulsating energy of music and dance into a static image that yet sings and sways. A pivotal component in bringing this vision to life was Elinchrom's new Five Mono Lights. These lights, designed with the ability to illuminate and emphasize even the smallest details, were our magic wand in this quest for vibrancy.
To further shape and control the lighting, I leveraged gels and some of Elinchrom's advanced light modifiers, including their state-of-the-art snoot. These tools allowed me to manipulate the light in ways that enhanced the raw energy and dynamic movement Bones was expressing, turning the studio space into a kaleidoscope of colors and forms.
I chose to work with my trusty Nikon Z7 camera, equipped with an 85mm lens at various apertures. This camera-lens combination, renowned for its impressive sharpness and depth of field, was the perfect choice to capture the minute details and contrasts of this high-energy session. The images were tethered to Capture One, a software that offers powerful tools for professional photo editing and allows for a seamless and efficient workflow from capture to edit.
After the shoot, I embarked on the post-production journey in Adobe Photoshop, enhancing the already vivacious images to truly reflect the liveliness of our session. With careful color grading and meticulous attention to detail, each image emerged as a visual symphony of color and life.
Pulling down the seamless, I engaged my knowledge of color science to create an immersive, vibrant backdrop for Bones. The mix of colors was carefully chosen to echo the energy and passion Bones brought into each frame, turning every shot into a visual manifestation of his musical artistry.
The result is a series of images that are as much a celebration of Bones the Machine's dynamic artistry as they are a testament to the power of modern photographic technology. This project was more than just a photoshoot; it was a symphony of color, movement, and emotion, orchestrated in the language of light.
This work showcases not only Bones' extraordinary talent but also the endless possibilities when creative vision is paired with cutting-edge technology like Elinchrom's Five Mono Lights and Nikon's Z7 camera. It was an inspiring journey, blending the essence of artistic performance with innovative photographic techniques.

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