When the opportunity of a lifetime knocks on your door, it's impossible to resist. This was exactly the case when I received an exciting message from Wacom, an esteemed leader in the creative hardware industry. They offered me an incredible chance to take their new Wacom Mobile Studio Pro for a spin, not only on a professional photo shoot but also to film an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the entire experience.
Assembling a high-caliber team was essential for this special venture. Our squad consisted of the incomparable Charlie Riddle, a legendary makeup artist represented by the Wall Group. Richard Lowe, the brilliant International Creative Director of Spiegel Catalog, added his innovative touch to our mission. To top off the team, world-renowned supermodel Michelle Dantas joined us, infusing our work with her unique energy and charm. Our stage was set in the sumptuous suites of downtown New York City's prestigious Roxy Hotel.
The creative vision for this project was a compelling blend of vintage glamour and cutting-edge style. Think of it as the iconic elegance of James Bond meeting the electrifying innovation of David Bowie. The result? A fusion of classic allure and modern aesthetic that we captured flawlessly, all thanks to the innovative technology of the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro.
Stay tuned for the behind-the-scenes footage, where you'll have a glimpse into our vibrant creative process, enhanced by Wacom's remarkable tech that allowed us to bring our eclectic vision to life.

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