When you hear the name 180s, think of wearable technology designed to exceed expectations—comfortable, cool, and purposefully designed to facilitate a seamless connection with your active outdoor lifestyle. As the go-to premier provider of wearable tech, we aim to create an experience, a moment of surprise that leads you to do a “180”, acknowledging the unconventional design of our products, their resilience in every weather condition, and their forward-thinking functionality.
In my role as Creative Director for a Private Equity firm, 180s was one of our portfolio clients that particularly stood out to me. This was not just another project; it was an opportunity to shape the narrative of a trailblazing brand, to help customers see themselves in our products, to feel the authenticity, the realism that 180s represented.
Drawing from my robust background in military combat photojournalism, I set out to tell the story of 180s in the only way I knew how—through candid moments that resonated with human experience. I am grateful for the invaluable lessons from my late mentor Bobby McRill, whose influence became the guiding light for this project.
My goal was to create visuals that captured the spirit of 180s while eschewing the conventional, sterile product photography. The project was a conscious effort to fuse commercial needs with photojournalistic aesthetics.
My approach to this shoot was layered. I worked closely with the company's designer, who was instrumental in styling and makeup, ensuring each scene was impeccably crafted. A large reflector was our trusty companion, used to manipulate natural light and draw attention to the unique details of each product. We occasionally fogged up the lens to create a misty, atmospheric effect, adding a sense of depth and mystery to our shots.
Every step was meticulously planned—mood-boarded and edited by yours truly. And the result was a series of images that captured the very essence of 180s—real, relatable, and radiant with the spirit of outdoor adventure.
180s is more than an award-winning consumer product company—it's an innovator with disruption in its DNA. The brand stands as a testament to the technical and creative quality of our work. With a relentless commitment to innovation, 180s continues to leverage emerging technologies like wearable tech, solving client challenges while ensuring its products remain user-friendly and affordable. This journey with 180s is one of triumph, tenacity, and an unwavering thirst for innovation—a narrative I'm honored to have captured and shared.

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