Stila Cosmetics, a renowned name in the world of beauty, launched a new line of lip glosses - Boss Gloss. The creative brief demanded images that projected color, fun, and an attitude befitting the "Boss" title. This case study showcases the strategy and execution behind achieving those striking visuals.
Believe it or not, we executed this shoot within the confines of an office rather than a conventional studio, proving that creativity knows no boundaries. Working with the Hasselblad H55D 50C, tethered to Hasselblad's Focus software, gave me the opportunity to capture images of striking quality and detail.
For lighting, I utilized my reliable White Lightnings x800s, paired with a large octobox as the key light. The decision to backlight colored backgrounds added a pop of vividness that enhanced the fun and bold nature of the new Boss Gloss line.
You may notice that these images are not as tightly cropped as they appear in the final product. This is intentional, as we wanted to highlight the lip gloss primarily, but also provide a sense of context and personality. The broader framing allowed us to showcase not just the glossy, vibrant lips but also the expressions that accompany them. Any blemishes or details far from the lips were considered irrelevant to the final, more closely cropped images.
​​​​​​​This campaign was not just about promoting a product; it was about encapsulating an attitude - the power, confidence, and vitality embodied by Stila's Boss Gloss. The combination of strategic lighting, meticulous shooting, and selective framing created a series of images that truly capture the essence of this fabulous product.

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