This project was a thrilling collaboration with Jane Cosmetics and Miami's Art and Bodega Magazine. Together, we aimed to encapsulate the essence of New York's electric energy and fashion-forward culture.
Our main source of inspiration was the sophisticated and powerful aura of Tom Ford ads. We envisioned a fun fashion editorial that not only exhibited the opulence of a big city nightlife but also showcased the rich colors and textures of Jane Cosmetics' products.
The central theme for this shoot was 'Illumination'. In pursuit of this theme, we decided to use blue gels to paint the photos, intending to accentuate the golden skin tones and vibrant makeup. As we experimented further, we found that double-stacked cyan gels produced an even more stunning and dramatic effect.
The choice of lighting equipment was interesting. Instead of using professional-grade Nikon speedlights, we turned to Amazon speed lights, which were compact enough to navigate the bustling streets of New York and perfect for a compact hotel room setup. They proved to be surprisingly reliable and efficient, especially in preventing overheating issues we previously encountered with other speedlights.
None of this could have been achieved without the incredible team that worked tirelessly on this project. My assistant Rami, whom I met through NYC's SALT mentorship program, was indispensable and showed immense dedication throughout the project.
Lastly, a special mention of my dear friend Charlie Riddle, an extraordinary makeup artist who's now working with celebrities galore and is signed with the prestigious Wall Group. His limitless artistry was instrumental in bringing this editorial to life, adding a unique touch that made the project truly stand out.
I'm excited to share the stunning results of our collaborative efforts with you. Let these images transport you to a world of fashion-forward luxury, set against the backdrop of New York's sparkling nightlife.
Models: London Nieves & Julia VioloneĀ 

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