Every image tells a tale; some stories are etched deep in the contours of history, richly nuanced by the myriad trials and triumphs of human endurance. One such story is woven into the very fabric of ÁWET New York, a brand with roots that reach out from the bustling streets of Soho all the way to the conflict-ridden lands of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

This brand, helmed by the stalwart Goitom Woldegebriel, is a living testament to human resilience, a tribute to the indomitable spirit that resists, survives, and eventually triumphs. "Áwet," meaning "Victory" in Tigrinya, is not just a brand name—it's the essence of Goitom's journey, a narrative of survival etched into every piece of garment that the brand crafts.

The responsibility to capture the essence of this narrative, not just in the form of visual art but as an emotional chronicle, fell to me. I chose to shoot their seasonal catalog in their corporate office, a space at the heart of Soho, brimming with vibrant energy and resilience, reflecting the spirit of Goitom's journey.

With my trusty Nikon Z7 tethered to Capture One and bathed in the glow of Elinchrom's Five Strobe lighting system, I set out to paint a picture of survival, resilience, and eventual triumph. These tools allowed me to capture high-resolution images, vivid with life, underpinning the brand's ethos of durability and endurance.

Every shot, every frame resonated with the narrative of ÁWET. The raw industrial backdrop of the corporate office, juxtaposed with the elegant simplicity of the clothing line, mirrored the tumultuous journey of its founder from a war-ravaged homeland to the creative hub of New York City.

The images we created that day were not mere portraits of garments; they were visual narratives. They were testaments to a journey that spanned continents, testaments to the spirit of victory that underpins every thread of the AWET collection.

These images found their way into the display windows of Saks 5th Ave, where they were viewed by countless patrons, each frame offering them a glimpse into the profound narrative of ÁWET. The distributors embraced the richness of the story, weaving it into a compelling showcase that allowed the customers to connect with the essence of the brand.

This project was more than just a catalog shoot; it was an opportunity to bring a powerful narrative to life, to underline the significance of perseverance and triumph in the face of adversity. It was a chance to portray the human spirit's resilience in the face of hardship, embodied in a brand named after victory.

The opportunity to be a part of AWET's narrative was a privilege, a chance to visually echo their dedication to supporting communities severely affected by the pandemic. Each image from the project serves as a beacon of hope, a testament to human resilience, and a victory in itself.

It was a privilege to help AWET New York tell their story, to visually encapsulate the essence of victory — thriving in the face of adversity, just as Goitom Woldegebriel had done all those years ago.

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