Meet the latest sensation in the world of makeup, a fiery collaboration between Stila Cosmetics and the wizardry of Charlie Riddle from the Wall Group. Strutting on this visual stage is our radiant model, Leslie Salasrd. Blessed with lips that could've been sculpted by Aphrodite herself, she sizzles in a bold, red palette that speaks volumes of her charisma. A tip of the hat to Nathan Ayon for orchestrating the hair masterpiece that completes this stunning ensemble.

Every pixel you see was captured with surgical precision using a Nikon D800 paired with an 85mm 1.4g lens. The process involved a meticulous dance between tethering and processing through Capture One, backed by the flawless illumination from Elinchrom lights and a beauty dish. This is more than just an ad; it's a celebration of artistry, of capturing ephemeral beauty through the lens.

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