Charlie Riddle, a master of the art of illusion, a maestro wielding brushes like a samurai wields his katana, and I, found ourselves in the midst of a mission for Stila Cosmetics. Stila, a name that rolls off your tongue as smoothly as their stay-all-day eyeliner glides onto your lids.
The canvas for our artistic saga? A lovely goddess named Tailor, a girl who seemed to walk right out of a Botticelli painting.
Our battleground was my fortress in Tribeca, a humble studio converted into a playground for artists and photographers alike. It's where the magic happens, under the hauntingly beautiful glow of the Elinchrom ELC lighting system, a supernova of brightness encased in the embrace of their Rotolux Octo light modifier.
My weapon of choice? The Nikon Z7, a technological masterpiece more accurate than a sniper's rifle, equipped with an 85mm 1.4g lens. Imagine a falcon's eye, precise and unblinking, hunting its prey against the backdrop of an almond seamless.
And then, amidst the dance of light and shadow, entered Alex Growd, our digital Da Vinci. Her retouching skills, as unconventional and breathtaking as a Pollock painting, put the final exclamation point on this saga. Every pixel screamed perfection, every brushstroke was a testament to her mad talent.
Thus, the series was birthed, a beautiful testament to the symphony of skills and artistry, an experience as captivating as a backstreet bar in a forgotten corner of the globe, minus the aroma of grilled fish and the clinking of beer mugs, of course.

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