Perched atop the Nomo Hotel in Soho, my camera and I were entrusted with the responsibility of encapsulating the essence of ÁWET New York, an emerging fashion line imbued with the vibrant ethos of its founder, my friend Áwet. This lively line of "livewear" was crafted in the pulsing heart of NYC's Garment District, and is now proudly showcased at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The story behind the label is as compelling as its creator. Áwet, an Ethiopian refugee, drew inspiration from his father's teachings to find the remarkable in the overlooked segments of our society. The tailors, the garment laborers, the shoeshine experts - these were individuals endowed with perseverance, skill, and untapped potential.

Heeding this wisdom, ÁWET spearheaded a team of uniquely gifted artisans, intent on realizing his vision. It was a privilege to contribute to this initiative, using my skills to illuminate their collective efforts.

The launch event was attended by industry titans such as Kenneth Cole, ÁWET's mentor, and Marc Metrick, the CEO of Saks Fifth Avenue. As a visual storyteller, my primary role was to encapsulate the significance of this occasion. Every splash of paint on my hands, every bout of nervous rambling, merely added to the authenticity of the narrative.

Ultimately, witnessing the culmination of ÁWET's dreams was a profoundly gratifying experience. His brand now graces the shelves of Saks Fifth Avenue, and I was there to chronicle this milestone. This was the essence of the story.

In essence, I am honored to contribute to the evolution of a brand as inspiring as ÁWET. It was a privilege to amplify the tale of this vibrant brand crafted by an equally vibrant soul. I urge you to support ÁWET and NYC's Garment District by exploring their collections at Saks Fifth Avenue or via ÁWET's website at

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