As a visual storyteller, it’s the histories that fascinate me. Stories layered with hardship, resilience, and triumph. When the opportunity to collaborate with ÁWET New York arose, I recognized the potential to tell a story that stretches beyond the borders of the city, even beyond the borders of the country, with roots deep in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

ÁWET New York's founder, Goitom Woldegebriel, is a man shaped by decades of political turbulence in his native lands. The name of his brand – and his son – Áwet, translates to "Victory" in Tigrinya, the native language of Eritrea. A tribute to the fortitude it took to survive and thrive amidst conflict.

To capture the essence of this brand, I knew I would need to reflect the strength, perseverance, and vibrancy of its founder's journey. What better setting than a local flower shop in Brooklyn, a place teeming with life and resilience. A place where beauty emerges from the dirt, much like Goitom's journey from a war-torn country to the streets of New York City.

Armed with my Nikon Z7, tethered to Capture One, I navigated the fragrant aisles, vibrant with the colors of resilience and rebirth. This allowed me to capture high-resolution images with an excellent dynamic range, mirroring the detailed and nuanced journey of ÁWET's creation. The Nanlight FS300 Continuous light provided a soft, natural illumination that gave every shot a deeply organic, living essence, harmonizing with the livewear's theme.
The result was a series of images that told a tale. The textures, colors, and atmosphere of the flower shop reflected the life journey of Goitom Woldegebriel, bringing his namesake brand to life. Every petal, every stem in the shop carried the message of resilience, becoming a metaphor for the story of ÁWET.

Saks 5th Ave and their distributor took these images and created a compelling narrative to showcase the brand. They embraced the story within each photograph, allowing the customers to connect with the deeper significance of each AWET piece.

This project was a true testimony to the power of visual narratives and the role they can play in reshaping our understanding of the world. It was not just about capturing clothing but encapsulating the spirit of a brand named for victory, born from struggle and resilience.

In the end, every frame was a testament to the journey of AWET, mirroring the brand’s commitment to support the most affected by the pandemic. The captivating visual story became a beacon of hope, a testament to human resilience and, indeed, a victory in itself.
It was an honor to be a part of this project, to help AWET New York tell their story, and to show the world what real victory looks like - not just surviving, but thriving against all odds.

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