As we know, New York operates on a different pace, and deadlines can often be as dizzying as the city's skyline. This was the case when Stila Cosmetics required beautifully rendered CAD-like images along with real photography for their collaboration with Sephora - all under a stringent deadline.
It was during one such chaotic day that I noticed a dear friend from marketing, flustered and clutching an eye shadow case. Witnessing her struggle to find a solution, I decided to step in and offer my expertise.
"Let me shoot it," I told her. "I can emulate the CAD render with real photography and have it ready in about four hours." With her sigh of relief, I was off to my studio to bring this concept to life.
To maintain high-end quality synonymous with product photography, I relied on my Nikon D800. Using a technique called stack focusing, I was able to capture different parts of the subject in sharp focus. I then compiled these images together using the Helicon Focus software, ensuring every detail was immaculately sharp, reminiscent of a CAD render.
The next step was to create the perfect symmetry that would echo the precision of CAD designs. I accomplished this by cutting the image in half in Photoshop and mirroring the other side on both the closed and opened product shots. The asymmetrical parts were carefully masked back in to retain the authenticity of the product.
Within the promised time frame, I delivered images that served as a dual-purpose solution - CAD-like precision for Sephora and stunning marketing visuals for Stila Cosmetics. This project showcased that creativity and strategic problem-solving can turn the chaos of a deadline into a rewarding feat of achievement.

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