In the heart of distress, there lies an opportunity. As if echoing this ancient wisdom, a call for assistance echoed from Natura Water, a company in turmoil. Stripped bare of their old branding material and grappling with inconsistent messaging, they were a ship lost in the vast ocean of branding, desperately seeking a lighthouse.
Natura needed more than a mere facelift - it yearned for a resurrection, a resurgence from the ashes. What they needed was a new branding style guide, a reinvention that would resonate with their ethos and their clientele.
As someone perpetually drawn to challenges, the complexity of this task stoked the fires of my creative spirit. The first order of business was assembling a team - the best minds in my global network, each one a maestro in their field. Together, we embarked on a voyage towards an uncharted realm of creativity, with yours truly at the helm as the Creative Director.
We set forth with a singular vision – to paint Natura Water as a luxury product. This wasn't about mere aesthetics, but capturing the essence of a brand that straddled the worlds of necessity and luxury. Each image, each asset, was meticulously crafted to echo this narrative.
Our next battleground was their website. Plagued by outdated systems, astronomical maintenance costs, and nonexistent SEO, it was akin to an anchor weighing them down. We needed to sever the chains of the past and reforge them into stepping stones towards the future.
A journey of reinvention is an exploration in itself. We charted the murky waters of themes, fonts, and color palettes, guided by the lighthouse of our vision. Adobe Color became our compass, helping us devise a scientifically precise and resonant branding style guide.
As we ventured deeper into the realms of the digital landscape, we sought to streamline their online presence. We built a platform that seamlessly integrated with their HubSpot leads software, enabling a fluidity in transactions and a significant reduction in associated costs.
The art of SEO became our weapon and ally, our tools sharpened by the insights gleaned from countless hours of research and strategic planning. Our perseverance paid off, and Natura Water rose from the depths of obscurity to the coveted positions of top placements on Google and Bing searches.
It was a gargantuan undertaking, no doubt, but the fruits of our labor bore witness to our journey. The brand's resurgence was reflected not only in the improved aesthetics and consistency but also in the tangible spike in their sales post-relaunch.
The story of Natura Water is a testament to the transformative power of creative vision and relentless perseverance. It's a tale of how an audacious vision, combined with strategic planning and execution, can steer a ship lost in the vast ocean towards the shores of success.

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